Throat spray with propolis, natural cold treatment – Adults, 20 ml

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100% Natural throat spray with propolis.
Natural treatment for colds in adults.

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Throat spray,  natural cold treatment for adults.
100% Natural.
Cold product, unprocessed, unpasteurized, without any additions

Sweet taste, pleasant, menthol.

• Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, healing, regenerative
• Supports the immune system and cellular regeneration processes
• Contributes to the normal functioning of the upper respiratory tract

Propolis aqueous, honey, fir, cinnamon, eucalyptus.
Alcohol free
The product is 100% natural

Shake before use. Spray on the affected oral cavity area.
Suitable for children over 10 years, young people and adults.
3 puffs at least 3 times daily on the affected area regardless of age (when given 3 times daily 3 puffs 1 bottle is sufficient for about 9 days).
Do not consume liquids or food for 20-30 minutes after application (to allow propolis to act).
No adverse reactions in case of overdose.
The product can also be given to pregnant or breastfeeding women.
Maximising the effects of the active principles and the method of extraction of the propolis that enters the product component is awarded with:

Do not administer to diabetics and persons allergic to bee products or any of the other ingredients of the product.
After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume within 4 months.
Do not exceed recommended dose for daily consumption.
Keep out of reach and sight of small children.
Food supplements do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Store in the original packaging at temperatures of max. 25 ° C



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